Assistive Technology

Lehigh provides services to accommodate individuals with disabilities, offering support with tools and technology such as screen readers, CCRT, accessibility features native to consumer devices, and other accessibility aids.  The university web page accessibility is managed through a product called Dubbot, which flags issues and allows us continuously improve web site quality and accessibility. Students who seek to register for services should visit the Disability Support Services Website. If you have questions about assistive technologies or encounter problems with accessibility of Lehigh online systems, contact the LTS Help Desk.

Captioning and Transcripts

Lehigh continues to work on providing transcripts and captioning for all videos on Lehigh’s Official YouTube channel and many other outlets.

In addition, tools currently in use at Lehigh for web conferencing and lecture capture have features for providing machine-generated captions:

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Lehigh provides a number of options to publish and maintain official websites for university offices and academic departments, as well as to create course-related blogs and sites for individuals and projects. Utilizing these options, ensures that you are creating a site that can be accessed by people with disabilities. Lehigh utilizes Dubbot to test websites for all levels of web accessibility as defined by WCAG 2.1.

Many Lehigh University offices and services benefit from having their website linked from various locations on the institutional website. This includes sites and services that are created and/or hosted by third party providers. Before an office, department, program or specialty web page or site can be linked in this manner, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Adheres to Lehigh's visual identity guidelines regarding use of the logo, color palette, typefaces and photographic style.
  • Adheres to Lehigh's writing style guide and observes proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Features a prominent hyperlink (specifically, to Lehigh University's home page.
  • Site markup is standards-compliant and complies with section 508 accessibility guidelines to ensure broad compatibility.
  • Text and other content featured on the site complies with Lehigh's computer use policy and Web site copyright notice.
  • Site integrates Lehigh's Google Search (instructions below) that indexes all pages and other Lehigh-related websites and pages.
  • Site includes the Lehigh footer (instructions below). Adding these links is easy to do and helps make services such as the Emergency information site and Lehigh’s website copyright notice readily available to all site visitors. Embedding the provided script will ensure that this set of essential links always remains up-to-date. LTS convenes an Assistive Technology working group with members from Disability Services.

Accessibility Resources

Working Group

LTS convenes an Assistive Technology working group with members from Disability Services, LTS, and the Office of General Counsel. The group meets at least once a semester and reports on activities, monitors emerging issues, and addresses immediate questions and concerns as they arise.

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